Jest for Pun logo Afghanaconda
by Tiff Wimberly

I assume the powers that be, named our efforts in Afghanistan "Operation Anaconda" because we wanted to put the SQUEEZE on bin Laden and Al Qaeda.

Bin Laden has been like the Pied VIPER with lots of followers doing HISS bidding in the name of Islam.  He is just ADDER control.  His VENOMenal STRIKE on the US was cold-blooded.  We will not let PYTHONS be PYTHONS though and that is why we have launched this full-SCALE attack.  He knows now that we are not saber-RATTLERS...we're gonna kick ASP!  He'll be crying for his MAMBA before all of this is over. 

FANGS to our hardworking troops we have managed to CORAL some detainees in Cuba and there is more than a SLITHER of hope that bin Laden will be caught soon.


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