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by Tiff Wimberly

Will someone please do me a FAVA and exSPLEEN to me what is America's fascination with the movie "Hannibal"? What is so interesting about cannibalism? I certainly DONNER the answer to that question. The movie, Hannibal, was LUNCHed with much success at the box office in it's first week.

I think the plots to all movies about cannibalism are pretty predictable and in Hannibal one of the last scenes is a no-brainer. From what I hear, the actors chosen to play roles in the movie did a great job of fleshing out their characters.

Did Julianne even consider how MOOREbid her character would become in
the last part of the movie when she first took the role?

Sir Anthony Hopkins got the more meatier role this time around...something he could really sink his teeth into. He, of course, plays Hannibal Lecter and just when you think he is your friend he'll DESSERT you!

I heard that Hannibal director Ridley Scott wasn't always easy to work
with while on the set. The actors were always careful to get their lines
straight in a scene because they didn't want to get their ass chewed for
messing up a take.

And the creator of Hannibal Lecter, the author, Thomas Harris, is
certainly laughing all the way to the bank. The studios paid him an arm
and a leg for the rights to the movie. 
(By Tiffany Wimberly)

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