Jest for Pun logo Skeleton Keys to Gold
by Tiff Wimberly

When I first heard about the Olympic sport of Skeleton I thought, "Where did they dig this sport up?"  But it turns out that this was a bone afide Olympic sport nearly a half a century ago (54 years to be exact...that is a bit of tibia for you).  

I just watched Jim Shea of the American Skeleton crew win the Cold Medal in this event by a marrow margin...TENSE of a second!  One of the commentators said that there is a world cup circuit for Skeleton but their winnings are small compared to other sports so they are pretty much doing this all pro bone-o.  

For those of you who think that skeleton is easy you have been seriously miSLED.  It takes a lot of skull to do this spine-tingling sport. Unlike the things that you strap on your feet and then ischeum down the hill, you have to lay on your tummy as you sled down the run.  I think I would femur comfortable knowing that I had a soft cushion of snow to land in and not the hard ice of the run.  

If you don't take the curves just right it can coccyx some seconds on your time. I think Skeleton is going to turn out to be a hip new sport.  They probably won't get as much ribbing as the lugers do.  I hope you found this piece humerus.

Osteo la vista!

Tiff  (who had to bone up on anatomy for this piece)

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