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Tiff Wimberly

  • Answer:  Miniscule
    Questions:  What is a very small place used for educational purposes?
  • I would rather spend my time watching a documentary on nocturnal raptors on the Discovery Channel entitled "Superb Owl".
  • Dollywood is currently undergoing renovations...please PARTON our dust!
  • Speaking ill of the dead is a grave mistake.
  • Cell phones are a static symbol.
  • As the band were getting their instruments in key she said to the audience that this was a Chinese folk song called "Too Ning".
  • If Steven Spielberg had been the director of the "Titanic" what would the
    working title be?
    Froze Encounters of the Merde Kind
  • Speaking of "Hannibal", Sir Anthony Hopkins got a meatier role this time around, something he could really sink his teeth into.
  • If a trio of doctors who specialized in tonsillectomies formed a singing group with no instruments they could call themselves "Ahhh Capella".
  • I saw an ad for the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and assumed that somewhere there is an equally prestigious cat show so the top winners from those two contests are this year's reigning cats and dogs.
  • What is the breed of canine that easily forgets his place on the trail?
  • "Tae Kwan Do or Judo?  Which martial arts class should I take?", Tom asked kungfusedly.
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Tiff Wimberly has been one of the hottest competitors at the Annual O Henry Pun Offs since she attended her first one in 1999. She placed third in 1999; Won in 2000; was Third again in 2001 and was placed second in 2002 (by clap-off after tying for the first place.) 

Her punny paragraphs where she PUNches the stuffing out of a subject can get you PUNch drunk. (Don't miss taking a peak at Afghanaconda, Hannibal and Skeleton keys to Gold) The PUN battles she gets into once in a way are also great Pun. However my absolute favorites are her PUNs from day-to-day home events .... Like the time she dropped her phone! (Check out - It's not safe to pun and other Home sPUN Tales !)