Books by or about - Groucho Marx

Title : Groucho and Me                                  Used Copy
Author : Groucho Marx
Remarks - Since the day I heard the title to Groucho's autobiography I've been dying to read it. The Amazon reviews seem to all agree that it is a must read ... However I like the description by Barry Rothman one of the reviewers ... He say's it is autobiographical but not a straight autobiography - Groucho would never do anything straight !! That's what I gather from the other reviews too ... this is a real fun book! However if you really want to get to know Groucho you must go for Hector Arce's or Stefan Kanfer's biography. Personally I'd rather enjoy Groucho's Bluffs than read anyone else's truths about him !

Title : Memoirs of a Mangy Lover
Author : Groucho Marx
Remarks : This was the first Groucho Marx book I ever read, picked up a second hand copy on the footpath cause the cover looked interesting and was the beginning of my love affair with Groucho Marx. Don't read his books for stories or try to make total sense of them. Just enjoy his style, the number of punchlines he throws on each page (sometimes more than the total no of lines). The reviews at Amazon however are not in total agreement ... One says that Groucho and Me and The Groucho Letters are better... but again they agree with me that nothing by Groucho can be bad. I've read The Groucho Letters ... comparing this book with that one is like comparing apples with oranges...they are totally different and cannot be compared. On the whole I'm confident that if you enjoyed Groucho's quotes (why else are you here?:-) you should love this book too !

Title : The Groucho Letters
Author : Groucho Marx
Remarks :  Before I say anything check this out ..... CLICK HERE

Title : My Life With Groucho
Author : Arthur Marx

Remarks : Arthur happens to be Groucho's son. He is no mean writer himself. Check out his style of writing for yourself HERE

Title : Groucho : The Life and Times of Julius Henry Marx
Author : Stefan Kanfer
Remarks : The regular biography mentioned in the 1st remark. The other autobiography is not commonly available.


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