Woody Allen Movies - 1986 onwards

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Hannah and Her Sisters (1986) (Oscar nomination, best director) (Actor) 
(Oscar, best original screenplay)
Considered by lots of people as Woody's finest film this one isn't really a comedy. Sure you'll find some great lines (could you have a Woody movie without them) but the theme is serious, often even depressing. Woody had planned a dark ending too but the studio asked him to change it to a much happier one finally. 

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King Lear (1987) (Actor)

September (1987) (Director/Writer)
A film with a small cast (there are only six principal characters, and only nine in the entire film) in a single location. It's another drama and does not rank very highly with most Woody buffs.

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Radio Days (1987)
(Actor/Director) (Oscar nomination, best original screenplay)
Woody moves back to a lighter movie with this one and puts together a collection of memories and incidents from the radio era. 

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Another Woman (1988) (Director/Writer)
Another drama. In this one Gena Rowland puts in a sterling performance.


New York Stories (1989) (Actor/Director/Writer)

Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989) (Oscar nomination, best director) (Actor)
(Oscar nomination, best original screenplay)
Often hailed as a masterpiece this movie is two movies entwined as one. One side is more serious drama and the other a lighter more comic side. This movie raises moral questions, the role of God in our lives and is considered by most people a movie that you just shouldn't miss.

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Alice (1990) (Director) (Oscar nomination, best original screenplay)
A movie about Alice (Mia Farrow) leading a common middle aged life till she lands up at the doors of a Chinese Doctor who with acupuncture and a cute pressure sends her on a trip through personal wonderland. Again not a movie that rates very highly with Woody buffs.

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Scenes From a Mall (1991) (Actor)

Shadows and Fog (1992) (Actor/Director/Writer)
This movie is based on a one act play titled 'Death' from Woody's book 'Without Feathers'.
I haven't got my hands on the movie yet but the play is amazing. (Unfortunately there's a big cautionary sign in the book that says we need permission even for amateur performances ;-( 

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Husbands and Wives (1992) (Actor/Director) 
(Oscar nomination, best original screenplay)
This movie about an unhappy marriage starting to crumble as the husband strays with a younger woman ( a student) again has deep similarities to Woody's personal life as this was the time when there was the very public battle over Woody's affair with Mia's adopted daughter. This was the last time Mia Farrow worked in a Woody Allen film.

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Manhattan Murder Mystery (1992) (Actor/Director/Writer)
Diane Keaton (of Annie Hall fame) returns to partner Woody in this movie due to the offscreen problems with Mia. The movie about Woody and Dianne as a couple who suspect their neighbor of murdering his wife and their amateur sleuthing attempts is hilarious. 

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Don't Drink the Water (1994) (Actor)

Bullets Over Broadway (1994) (R) (Oscar nomination, best director) 
(Oscar nomination, best original screenplay)
This movie has some star cast - John Cusack, Dianne Wiest, Jack Warden, Jennifer Tilly, and a great supporting cast as well (with Tracy Ullman, Chazz Palmenterri, Rob Reiner, Mary-Louise Parker and Stacey Nelkin. They all put in a great performance with Dianne Wiest picking up an Oscar. The story is about a low-level mobster who is assigned to watch over his bosses actress girlfriend and starts to contribute to the script of the film .... outdoing the official scriptwriter.

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Mighty Aphrodite (1995) (R) (Actor/Director) 
(Oscar nomination, best original screenplay)
Another movie which some love and lots of people feel is overrated. Mira Sorvino picked up an Oscar for her portrayal of a dumb blonde who is the biological mother of Woody adopted son.

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Everyone Says I Love You (1997) (R) (Actor/Director/Writer)
Woody takes on musicals in this movie. The title of the film comes from a song in the Marx Brothers movie Horse Feathers (1932). The musical numbers (classics of 30's and 40's) and the way they are filmed (a roomful of dancing Groucho Marxes!) are this films highlights. All the actors sand their own parts except Drew Barrymore who said she doesn't even sing in the shower. Woody had to ask Goldie Hawn to sing worse to sound like a normal person breaking into song.

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Deconstructing Harry (1997) (R) (Actor/Director) 
(Oscar nomination, best original screenplay)
Woody Allen, Robin Williams, Billy Crystal (playing the devil) all in one movie !! And with lines like ......

Harry Block: What? You have air-conditioning in Hell?
The Devil: Sure! F***s up the ozone layer!

Doris: You have no values, your whole life is nihilism, cynicism, sarcasm and orgasm.
Harry: In France I could run on that slogan and win.

..... I can't wait to get my hands on it.

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Wild Man Blues (1998) (Actor)

Antz (1998) (PG) (voice)
Look at this star cast.... Woody Allen, Sylvester Stallone, Gene Hackman, Anne Bancroft, Christopher Walken, Jennifer Lopez, Danny Glover, Dan Aykroyd, Jane Curtin, and John Mahoney. It would have cost a fortune if it was a normal movie. But it isn't ... it's an animation with this start cast lending it's voices. Woody recorded his part as "Z" in only five days. Naturally with Woody doing more talking than anybody else the film is full of naughty one-liners.

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Celebrity (1998) (R) (Director/Writer)
Another movie which is not really on most Woody Buff's list of top Woody movies. It's in black and white, has the biggest start cast that Woody has worked with ( A reviewer puts it as ... every time you blink you miss a couple of stars.) According to most reviews Leonardo di Capprio is the best thing in the movie and Kenneth Branagh's attempts to imitate Woody's style is the most irritating.   

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Sweet and Lowdown (1999) (PG13) (Actor/Director/Writer)
A great movie with Sean Penn playing the second best guitarist in the world. The movie not only has Woody's characteristic wit but also some super music and some great photography.

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Picking Up the Pieces (2000) (R) (Actor)
Woody Allen plays a butcher who fed up of his wife (Sharon Stone) chops her up into pieces. While trying to get rid of the pieces he loses one piece - a hand which is picked up by a blind Mexican whose blindness is cured by the touch of that sliced hand. You can imagine the mayhem that follows (or watch it ;-)

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Small Time Crooks (2000) (PG) (Actor/Director/Writer)
After so many comedies touched with a tinge of seriousness, Woody lets his hair down ;-), and comes with a really light comedy this time. All about the bungling adventures of a dumb ex-con.

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Company Man (2000) (Actor)
A movie in which Woody plays a bit part. A spoof on the Bay of Pigs crisis. Reviewers seem to either love it or hate it.

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The Curse of the Jade Scorpion (2001) (PG-13) (Actor/Director/Writer)
Helen Hunt does a terrific job in this movie (set in the 1940s) matching Woody line for line. Some of their lines and verbal matches ...

I hate her just like I hate that German Chancellor with the moustache.

Chris: You know, there's a word for people who think everyone is conspiring against them.
C.W.: I know, perceptive.

... are the best part of the film.

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Hollywood Ending (2002) (PG-13) (Actor/Director/Writer)
Woody takes a dig at Hollywood but does it in style being funny not mean. The moguls and their yes-man retainers are not ugly, they're absurd. And as usual the lines are Hilllarious....

Ed: Look, I love Val. I love him. But with all due respect... he's a raving, incompetent psychotic.
Ellie: He's not incompetent.

Val: For God sakes, this is a woman I was married to for 10 years. We made love. I'd hold her head over the toilet bowl when she threw up.
Lori: From making love with you?

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Please note that the movies are linked to Amazon.com in case you'd like to buy the videos. I have not bothered to recommend particular movies cause I have enjoyed all the 6-7 Groucho movies I have seen till date and feel that any movie with Groucho in it can never be totally flat ! The ones without links are currently not available at Amazon.com .... If you know where they are available please write to me so I can share the info with all our friends. Thank You !

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