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While discussing the resources Eva recommended a book to me titled - 

All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten
by Robert Fulghum 

Eva said ..."One of the most wonderful books I've ever read. When I read it, I gave copies of it to everyone! With gentle satire and kind wit, Fulghum teases us about life and finds humor in every situation."

I was lucky enough to find a copy in the Bethany High school library. Fulghum's style is so humorous and breezy that I must have gone through 6-7 chapters without batting an eyelid. Then a thought struck me. "There was no doubt that this was class book. A must read. And written very humorously but what relation did it have to Work?"

So I stopped, went back, and reread every word. Much slower this time. Didn't his simple messages apply to our working lives? 

"Clean up your own mess", "Say sorry when you hurt somebody", "When you go out in the world..... hold hands, stick together". Simple things which would enhance our working lives. Right ? 

For me, the most touching part, which reminded me of an incident in my working life, is a chapter on how the tribal people in Solomon Islands in the South Pacific cut trees that are too big for their axes. They have these special experts who go and yell at the tree first thing in the morning, and in a few days the hollering kills the spirit of the tree and it withers and dies.

Anand, the most soft spoken employee in our family run business, came to me with his resignation. He said his Doctor had asked him to change jobs. I was shocked, wondering what part of the work environment wasn't suiting him. Was it the commuting or the factory visits? A little chatting with him revealed that my father's yelling at him was giving him ulcers and that's why his Doctor had recommended a change. Maybe I should gift Dad a copy of the book on Father's Day.

As for you, if you don't have your copy ...

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