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Have you been referring to 'Wren and Martin' as your Bible for Perfect Letter Writing? No wonder your communication may be grammatically perfect and perfunctory to the dot but has rhetoric and boring written all over it.

Throw it away (maybe just shift it to you bottom drawer) and get your yourself a copy of


Of course we all know Groucho Marx. 'You bet your life' you know him. You know he was a rage in vaudeville, on screen and then again on television. But, did you know he was a superb author too? And this collection of his letters to all and sundry is a real eye-opener on the art of communication.

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Want to know more about it? Why I think its such a valuable resource? OK, Let's a take a look at just one example letter and analyze a bit what we can learn from it.

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It should open in another window, leave it open so we can toggle back and forth.

So you had a look, what did you gather?
What I gathered and have kept trying to practice are ...

1) Dynamic catchy opening
2) Highlighting and exaggerating the problem or idea, to ridiculousness, to get your idea across
3) Ridiculing the idea... not the person. Closing with a softener by complimenting the person. And adding "Of course you're much too smart to do such a dumb thing... it must be an error."

And this is just one letter out of hundreds. If you're serious about livening up your communication, this book is a must have.


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