Letter Writing and Written Communications

With reference to my previous tip of adding "The Groucho Letters" to your collection of guidance books for letter writing, Eva has no objection. But she objects vehemently to my statement of shifting your grammar book to the bottom shelf.

Here's what she has to say ...

The way you speak and write says so much about you. We all know this. And trying to laugh off your grammatic faux pas only goes so far. People actually trust you more if you speak properly, without too much jargon or slang. You don't always have to 'get down' to their level. Frankly, people will want to
aspire to rise to your level. Using good grammar in business communications does not have to be cumbersome, stilted and awkward. And this book is one of the most fun ways to learn to speak properly.

The Deluxe Transitive Vampire :
The Ultimate Handbook of Grammar for the Innocent, 
the Eager, and the Doomed

by Karen Elizabeth Gordon



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