Public Speaking

I found an article in an old Reader's Digest condensed from Charles Osgood's book on public speaking called...


I loved his tips and the little humorous examples he gives to make his points. Unfortunately the book is out of print but you can buy and download an audible ebook by 

Clicking Here

While we haven't downloaded and tried out the audible ebook ourselves we know what a consummate speaker Osgood is with a wondrously humorous way with the news (and his poetry).

Also If you would like to know more about the book here's what I remember from the article.

He talks of public speaking in 7 steps.

Step 1 - Keep it Simple
Step 2 - Get Organized
Step 3 - Keep it Short
Step 4 - Be Real
Step 5 - Take Charge
Step 6 - Talk, Don't read !
Step 7 - Relax 

He explains the 1st point with a hilarious example of President Calvin Coolidge summarizing a 45 minute sermon by a preacher in two sentences. 

"What did he speak about?"
And what did he say about it?"
"He was against it!"

Still with me .... ? 


and Go Get it !!

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